Breeches explained

What is a "Breech"?

The "breech" is the area of the gun where the pellets are loaded. It is what holds the barrel and bolt-action assembly in place, so is a crucial part of the GRAVmag platform.

"Steel Breech" vs "Plastic Breech"

Some Crosman variants come with a "plastic breech" (2240, 2250b and 1377). Others come with an upgraded "steel breech" (2250XL, Benjamin Discovery, etc). 

Crosman Steel Breech.jpg
Crosman Plastic Breech.jpg

Plastic Breech

Steel Breech

Guns that come with a plastic breech can easily be upgraded to a steel breech, via a kit, which can be found on places like eBay and GMAC Custom Parts for around £50 GBP.

The steel breech is often prefered as it is more sturdy and allows a scope to be mounted directly onto the gun, thanks to the built in 11mm dovetail. 

Magazine Compatbility

There are GRAVmags available for each type of breech.

Plastic Breech:

Steel Breech: