gravmag 177 EDITION

11 shot magazine designed for the .177 Crosman Steel Breech. It will work on any of the following guns, as long as they are using the Crosman Steel Breech and original length probe:

  • 2240 (.177)

  • 2250 (.177)

  • 2250XL (.177)

  • 1322 (.177)

  • Benjamin Discovery (.177)

For the GRAVmag 177 Edition to work, you will need the following:


1. Crosman or Benjamin Discovery gun which has a Steel Breech fitted

2. An extended probe from GMAC. This is the thin-tipped model which are numbered 001-0201 and 001-0207 on the GMAC Custom Parts website. This probe is required, but fortunately is available for a good price and will also increase FPS.

3. Lastly, you will need to be using one of the pellet types listed below.

4. If you need help with anything, please don't hesistate to ask me :)

There are two different versions of the .177 Edition, based on which pellets you would like to use:

844 Tube (Option 1) Pellets:

  • JSB Exact Diabolo 8.44gr

  • AirArms Diabolo Field 8.40gr

  • RWS Hobby 7.0gr 

1034 Tube (Option 2) Pellets:

  • JSB Exact Heavy Diabolo 10.34gr

Please read all the information on the selling page.

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